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Review – Sage ONE

4 Piece, 8 wt.

Written by Capt Frank

I took one of the new Sage ONE, 4 piece, 8 weight rods on a recent bonefishing trip to the Bahamas.  My immediate impressions were:  looks beautiful and very lightweight without seeming wimpy, everything I had read about it and expected from Sage.  I paired it with an Abel Super 8 reel,  Bruce Chard bonefish line and headed out.  After fishing with it for a week, my summary is Smooooth!

At first, the rod felt different in my hand.  This rod weighs only 3.5 ounces, and I was accustomed to a lot more weight.  However, it took almost no time to not only get used to it, but to embrace the new feel.  Some fast rods have a feel almost comparable to a broomstick.  With the Sage ONE, I could feel the loading of the rod on the backcast, resulting in an improved forward cast.  The not wimpy part, it handled multiple fast bonefish runs that got well into the backing, holding them away from the mangroves, yet not breaking the tippet. If you need more convincing, remember this is the rod that won Best in Show at the 2011 IFTD show in both the Freshwater and Saltwater categories.

Another angler, whose skills far surpass mine, tried it out one day.   He said he could dump the line on his rods but not on the Sage ONE.  He did go on to say the Sage ONE was easy to cast medium range and quite accurate.  We agreed that dumping the line is not what is important in fishing.  Smooth, accurate casts are what counts in presenting the fly to bonefish, and this rod does exactly that. Even with an MSRP from $720 – $750 it is well worth the investment.

Check out www.sageflyfish.com for details and dealer locator.

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