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The potcake ate my Sage One

Written by Capt. Frank

This is the victim rod, a new, first time fished Sage ONE. At one point it was a four piece, eight weight, now I’m no longer sure. Between these two pieces was about six inches that has been chewed and gone. Notice the gnawed-off cork handle; yum! To add insult to injury, the fly line on the reel was chewed through and gone. So what is this mysterious monster Potcake that consumes fly rods?

Bahamian Potcake

Rice and peas is a Bahamian staple served at most meals. When it is cooked and particularly reheated, what is left stuck to the bottom and lower sides of the pot is potcake. This is then traditionally fed to the local breed of dogs, which have subsequently become known as Potcakes. Other islands, Turks and Caicos, Eleuthera, etc. have their own distinct version of a Potcake, depending on what type of dog was originally imported there.

I had enjoyed a productive five days of bonefishing at Andros South Lodge and was looking forward to my final day. As with all lodges, I had rinsed my equipment and placed it in the rod rack with other rods overnight. What you see is what Rick Sisler, the manager, found the next morning. The Potcake exhibited good “taste”, because also on the rack were two other Sage rods, a G. Loomis and an Orvis, none of which were new. Luckily, I had a backup rod, but not another eight weight line. Rick went into his supply and quickly gave me a Scientific Anglers Mastery Bonefish line. As a result, I lost no time on my last day at Andros South. By the way, I love that line and, over time, will probably be replacing all my floating line with it. I say probably and over time because that amounts to (don’t tell my wife) seven or eight reels I have with floating line. Thanks to Rick and Andrew Bennett, owner of Andros South, for their above and beyond assistance in making my equipment new again.


This is meant to be a bit of a cautionary tale, but I really wouldn’t know what to tell you to avoid.  At the end of the day, I guess if your unlucky enough to have this happen to you, you are still lucky enough!

Editor’s note : Look for a review of the Sage ONE rod and a full trip report soon.In the meantime, you can find out more about the rod here.
  • http://www.flatswalker.com WindKnot

    Um, as per the SA line: if you’re only fishing from a skiff, then YES. If you wish to wade, avoid SA like the plague. Trust me… the F in WF8F shouldn’t stand for sinking, but it actually does. Every one. Every time.